Redlands Coast Life was born out of a vision to buy local and support local.   It is a place to connect the community with local businesses all in the one convenient location in the matter of just a few clicks.

Supporting local businesses is very important for the success of our local community. Local businesses are the biggest employers in Australia!  Furthermore, the money from locally owned Redlands small businesses is more likely to stay in the local economy. This money is then recirculated many times over in the community which further supports our economy.

By supporting a local business you not only help provide jobs, especially for our young people, but you also help sustain the lifestyle and values of our local community in Redlands Coast.  Therefore, when you support a business who is a member “Redlands Coast Life Business Directory” you can be assured that you are positively contributing to the community.

Next time you need a tradie, looking for a business service or store  keep the importance of supporting local and supporting our local Redlands economy.  “Give a local a go” by browsing our members in our business directory here