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Cleveland, Redlands Coast 4161

Installation, Maintenance and Repair

Air Cool Environmental are the air conditioning experts servicing the Redlands Coast area for over 13 years.

Mark Edens established Axis Air in 2000 and Air Cool Environmental was started by Marc Beales in 2006. Before the  two companies merged together in 2007


Air Cool Environmental is able to provide quotes for all applications air conditioning. Systems that require replacing, new installations, split or ducted systems, we can assist. We require access to site to prepare a quote. If you are considering a ducted system and provide plans for your home or building, we can start the your quotation and have an estimate for you, before attending your property.

 Servicing Investments

Air Conditioners are sophisticated machinery which require regular service and maintenance in order to keep efficient operation and prevent damage. For residential systems this should occur at least every 12 months, while commercial systems very depending on the application.

Fault Investigation

Unfortunately with any piece of machinery things can go wrong. Prices for repairs can very drastically, and the process leading to repair or replacement can be confusing.

Our Engineers will initially visit site to determine the fault of the system.

If it is something that is minor and can be fixed at the time or if generic parts are available (such as fuses or capacitors) the engineer will attempt to fix your system during the first visit.

Sometimes for a repair, spare parts that are specific for the system are needed, or additional time is required for major repair works. In this situation the engineer will provide you with an initial invoice, outlining the faults and requirements. The office will then prepare a quotation for you, outlining your available options/ solutions for you to consider and decide upon.

Repairs under Warranty

Residential systems generally come with a 5 year parts and labour warranty. We are warranty agents for both Daikin and Panasonic.

Note: proof of purchase/installation is required for the processing of warranty claims

Commercial Air Conditioning Systems

Our qualified engineers are happy to visit properties to ascertain the servicing needs and frequency for commercial sites.  Developing a tailored quote specific to the plant requirements and application of use.

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